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Gary Gannon TD, Social Democrats spokesperson on Education, has said that the reopening of schools has led to serious concerns for families where there are underlying health conditions.

Deputy Gannon said:

“Last week, I raised a situation facing one family where a mother with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), who without adequate guidance and support from the Department of Education and HSE, has no other alternative but to send her children back to school.

“The risks that this family is taking cannot be overstated, yet they are entirely avoidable risks. While this is just one family’s story, many more families are experiencing similar situations.

“It has always been the goal to get students back to school, but always with the caveat that not everyone will be able to return due to health risks. Yet all we have is a one-size model which does not recognise the legitimate risks to these families, where a sibling or parent is extremely medically compromised.

“The risks of Covid-19 are too great to these families and we need to urgently find alternative ways to support students in their education.”

September 8, 2020

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