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The Social Democrats believe the potential, and desire, for change in Ireland is huge. We also know that people want genuine change – not a repackaging of stale parties, or policies, as something new. We believe that social democracy offers the transformative change Ireland needs.

What is social democracy? At its core, social democracy is about protecting those fundamental elements that provide every member of society with dignity and opportunity.

Housing, healthcare, disability services and childcare should never be mere commodities – only available to those on highest incomes. These are areas where the State must play an active role – consistently and decisively.

For too long, the State has outsourced its responsibilities to the private market. We cannot continue like this. We must think about the society we want to see – not just in the immediate future. But, in 10, 20 and 30 years’ time because, the decisions we make today will shape that future. This is especially the case when it comes to climate action and the need to protect nature and our biodiversity.

This is why the Social Democrats want to provide people with a real choice about what that future will look like. The Social Democrats is a party for a new era – not defined by old loyalties, old politics, old policies, cosy business connections or jobs for the boys. We stand for change. We stand for equality. We stand for accountability.

Our social democratic policy proposals, across a range of different areas, will help drive the genuine change we need to achieve a better Ireland – now and into the future.