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Invest in Better

This election offers a real choice.

One option continues our current path. The same old ways of doing politics. Failing on our climate targets. Crisis after crisis caused by leaving health, housing and other public services to the market.

The Social Democrats want to help move Ireland in a new direction. We stand for a uniquely Irish version of the Nordic model. One that builds on Ireland’s strengths, but addresses the systemic failures of public policy. Unlike others, we don’t believe we can slash taxes across the board and improve public services. Above all else, we stand for investment. Investment in people. Investment in homes, in healthcare, in transport, in environment, in time.

In this manifesto, we are outlining policy with investment at its very core. Our politics are based on quality public services which serve the public interest. We seek to reshape work/life balance. To build a society which gets it right for children. To recreate an economy which is greener, but fairer too.

These politics are rooted in integrity, honesty and a desire to restore trust in public life.

People across Ireland hope for better. With the policies outlined here, we are asking them to vote for better in this election by voting Social Democrats.

General Election Manifesto 2020

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