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Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy has called for an information campaign on waste recycling in light of the recent controversy regarding waste charges. Deputy Murphy said that the number one thing expressed to her during the media coverage on waste charges was confusion. She said people are confused about how the new charging regime will affect them but also confused as to what and how to recycle. She said recycling policies often differ depending on which operator you use.

Deputy Murphy highlighted a series of PQ replies to her which show that a shipment of waste containers had to be returned to the waste facility in Ireland from where it had originated because it was contaminated.  According to the replies, the cost of that return shipment ran to €13,000 and there have been 92 similar returns in recent times.

Catherine Murphy TD said:

“It strikes me that there is a lack of information regarding what can or cannot be recycled and in many cases it differs depending on the waste operator in an area. The shipment that was returned was purely down to people not recycling correctly. I don’t believe most of that is deliberate, I think there’s a real need for an information campaign for people.”

“The area of waste and waste charging has become a hugely important one for people and they are conscious of the impact those costs have on their household budget and the overall cost of living. It is incumbent on us to provide clear and accessible information so that people can reduce the costs involved in waste collection.”


12 July 2017

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