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Speaking on the Bill on Residential Tenancies and Valuations 2020 to be rushed through the Dáil next week, Social Democrat Housing spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan T.D. said:

“The Bill published by the Minister for Housing will end the ban on rent increases and the ban on evictions for most tenants. While there is an exception for tenants who make a declaration that they were affected by Covid-19 and in receipt of a state Covid-19 related payment – all other tenants will be subject to the resumption of rent increases and evictions from the beginning of August.

“Frontline workers who have been running essential services and vulnerable tenants who were not in receipt of a Covid-19 related payment will be excluded from any further pandemic protections.

“The Minister for Housing had previously indicated that he favoured extending protections for tenants – he must clarify if it is his intention with this Bill to remove protections for most tenants while we are still struggling with the fallout from Covid-19.”

25th July 2020

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