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Social Democrats TD Jennifer Whitmore has welcomed today’s publication of the Children’s Rights Alliance ‘Report Card 2021’.

Deputy Whitmore, who is the party’s spokesperson for Children, said:

“The annual report card by the Children’s Rights Alliance is an invaluable tool in monitoring Government progress in key areas affecting childhood in Ireland. This was the first opportunity to assess specific commitments made in relation to children in the Programme for Government by the Fianna Fail/Fine Gael/Green Party coalition.

“Many necessary reforms have been accelerated by Covid-19 in areas such as early childcare, family homelessness and direct provision. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc with our economy, children growing up in Ireland today will have lived through two recessions and are more at risk at falling into poverty.

“The closure of schools has exposed wider inequalities in our society. For instance, children with additional needs have been most at risk of educational regression and social isolation. Covid has also disproportionately impacted children from low-income households due to the digital divide, which has preventing them from making the transition to online learning.

“Today’s report by the Children’s Rights Alliance will help refocus Government efforts and ensure that progress across a range of areas, including reform of the Family Law Courts, is expedited during 2021 and as part of any Covid recovery plans.”

February 23, 2021

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