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Cian O'Callaghan TD

When will the Housing Minister deliver on his promises?

A new Simon Communities’ report showing a huge decline in the number of rental properties available to HAP claimants is further evidence that the housing crisis is getting worse, according to Social Democrats Housing Spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan.

“The ‘Locked Out’ report reveals that the housing crisis is getting worse, not better. The number of properties, affordable for HAP tenants to rent, is virtually non-existent unless top-ups on the rent are provided.

“The Housing Minister claims the provision of affordable housing is a priority for the government, but where is the evidence of that? House prices and rents are exponentially increasing, while the number of properties available to rent is shrinking rapidly. HAP tenants, who are unable to pay the runaway rents now being quoted in every part of the country, are among those most at risk of becoming homeless.

“The standard HAP rate, which has not been increased since 2016, must now be increased as a matter of urgency. However, the only way to really resolve this crisis is to seriously ramp up the supply of social, affordable and cost-rental homes. The Minister promised to do this. When will he deliver on those promises?”

7 April, 2022


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