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Social Democrats Councillor for Rush/Lusk, Paul Mulville, has called on Fingal County Council to re-double its efforts to meet its target this year for the provision of Housing First units.

Housing First means that if someone is homeless, their housing needs are addressed as an immediate priority.  Any presenting issues they may also have, such as addiction, mental health difficulties or budgeting problems, are addressed by the provision of wraparound supports.

In response to Cllr Mulville’s representations, the council said it would meet its annual target of 15 Housing First units for 2020, with the same number planned for 2021. Cllr Mulville was also informed that, under the programme, Fingal County Council had delivered eight Housing First units in 2018 and six in 2019.

Cllr Mulville welcomed the figures provided to him by the council but said more investment was needed in Housing First to help reduce homelessness figures.

He said:

“Right now in Fingal, there are 102 single people and 7 couples registered with the Council as homeless or at risk of homelessness. Housing First is a key measure supported by the Social Democrats in ending the homelessness crisis, which is an entirely predictable emergency. International best practice shows that the Housing First approach is key to tackling the problem.

“While I welcome the council’s commitment to deliver its annual Housing First targets for this year and in 2021, there needs to be much greater investment in this initiative if we are to see real progress being made in ending the scourge of homelessness. I will be pushing for an acceleration and ramping up of Housing First to provide safety and stability to the most vulnerable homeless people in Fingal.”

July 22, 2020


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