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Social Democrats Co-Leader Catherine Murphy has reiterated her call for a complete root and branch culture change at the FAI if people are to be satisfied that all funds going into the organisation will be accounted for and used appropriately. She said the problem was never just one individual but rather the organisational culture which had been fostered by the actions of Mr Delaney.

Catherine Murphy said:

“While John Delaney was clearly the head of the problem, the problem now is the ‘Delaney-culture’ which had been allowed to develop in the FAI. It is vital that assurances are sought that every trace of that culture has been removed and the FAI is moving forward on a completely clean new slate based on absolute best-practice governance processes.

The importance of sport in society cannot be overstated – the benefits for young and old alike of a vibrant sporting culture are incalculable, from physical to mental and emotional benefits. We must ensure that those volunteers and players, from every age range, across the country, are going out each weekend and evening fully confident that the governing body of their chosen sport is at all times acting in their best interests and is doing everything possible to improve their experiences with their local clubs – be it playing or supporting.

18th Jan 2020

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