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This decision is a huge blow to the delivery of safe cycling infrastructure in the South city

Dublin City Council should appeal the High Court decision on the Strand Road cycle lane, according to Social Democrats councillors on Dublin City Council.

Councillor Catherine Stocker said:

“This decision is a huge blow to the delivery of safe cycling infrastructure in the South city and has potentially far-reaching implications for the improvement of active travel infrastructure across the country. The Coastal Mobility Route was put in place using similar provisions and may now potentially be under threat.

“The Strand Road cycle lane was intended to be a six-month trial to assess the viability of the project and was subject to wide community and stakeholder consultation, which indicated broad support for the project.

“We are at a critical impasse in terms of climate, congestion and air quality and we no longer have the luxury of moving slowly. Ambitious measures are needed to meet our climate targets and Dublin City Council have shown just such ambition in moving forward with this project.

“The Social Democrats are strongly of the view that Dublin City Council needs to stay the course and appeal this decision. Strand Road is predicted to be below sea level by 2050. Opposition to measures that reduce carbon emissions is misguided and does a disservice to the local community.

“Moreover, this kind of safe, segregated infrastructure is vital to ensuring increased cycling uptake from women and children. The proportion of women who cycle in our city compared to men is only 27pc, according to the last census, and the numbers of children cycling to secondary school is now at only 2pc, according to information provided in recent months to the Oireachtas Climate Action Committee. Blocking the Strand Road cycle lane is a regressive move which ill serves our city.”

30 July, 2021


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