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Council plans for proceeds of Magdalene Laundry sale add insult to injury

Social Democrats Councillor Gary Gannon has accused Dublin City Council of adding insult to injury by making the funding of a major redevelopment project already promised for Dublin’s north east inner city contingent on the sale of the former Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street. Councillor Gannon said: “The deputy chief executive of Dublin City […]

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Magdalene Laundry site must be preserved as centre for remembrance

Plans by Dublin City Council to sell the last remaining Magdalene Laundry site to an international hotel chain show utter disregard for the suffering of women who deserve to be properly commemorated by the State, Social Democrats Councillor Gary Gannon has said. Councillor Gannon said the site of the former convent on Sean McDermott Street […]

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