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I’m Peter Melrose, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Maynooth.

As a primary school teacher, I am passionate about investment in our education system, including adequate provision of staff and resources in our schools, and local issues such as places for our children on school buses.

I am a dedicated trade unionist, and am currently branch organiser of INTO Navan, the largest branch in the country. I enjoy representing and advocating on behalf of my colleagues.

As a new father, I am also deeply interested in issues affecting young families like mine, such as childcare, affordable housing, and the cost of living crisis.

I am a firm believer in building strong communities and community wealth, and will be using my position as local area rep to initiate and promote projects such as the Maynooth Farmers’ Market, that allow local people to help each other. I would be delighted to serve the people of the Maynooth LEA as a councillor in order to build a fairier and more equal society.

I believe in helping families meet their full potential. This means I will be fighting for you on issues like affordable housing, childcare provision and investing in our children’s futures through education. I am able, willing and ready to represent you and our communties for a fairer and more equal society.

Peter’s Priorities

  • Championing community projects such as farmers’ markets and community gardens.
  • Fighting for the provision of affordable housing in our areas.
  • Spearheading community childcare initiatives in local areas.
  • Ensuring all children reach their potential through investment in education.
  • Advocating for investment in public transport infrastructure with an emphasis on sustainable modes of transport.
  • Leading the campaign for a primary care centre and adequate GP places in Maynooth.
  • Supporting the Garda√≠ by advocating for better resourcing of our officers and its infrastructure.

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