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Nuala Kileen is the Social Democrats councillor for Leixlip on Kildare County Council.

A passionate and experienced political representative, Nuala has a wealth of experience in dealing with community issues.

Nuala has managed the constituency office of Catherine Murphy TD in Leixlip village since 2012, and since her own election to Kildare County Counil in 2019, she has worked hard to find solutions through her work on the council.

She has been involved with the Social Democrats since the foundation of the party because she believes in the potential of the party to radically change Irish politics, and more importantly, to make a meaningful difference in people’s everyday lives.

Her focus is on public and open spaces, main street regeneration, social infrastructure, housing issues, public transport, road safety and demonstrating her commitment to improving the lives of everyone in the community.

Nuala is committed to ensure fair funding and spending in Leixlip and has proposed many innovations to benefit the community including the recent Pop-up Pool for Leixlip which was funded by the Local Property Tax and a grant from Intel.

I’m in the village doing clinics every weekday so if you have any queries or issues, or are interested in starting a community project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s work together to make our community the best it can be!

Nuala’s Priorities

  • Create a vibant and sustainable community
  • Improve transport links
  • Advocate for quality public services
  • Develop our local amenities
  • Tackle the housing and homelessness crisis
  • Get fair funding for Kildare
  • Demand spending on social infrastructure for Leixlip

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