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I’m Niall McCreanor, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Ardee.

I’m a dedicated member of the Social Democrats and a fervent advocate for change. Hailing from Ardee and now residing in Dunleer with my family, I’m deeply connected to our community’s aspirations.

With a history of service within the party, including three years as Chairperson of the Louth Branch, I’ve cultivated a thorough understanding of our party’s ethos and policies. From advocating for affordable housing and accessible healthcare to ensuring equal educational support for children with additional needs, I’ve demonstrated a relentless commitment to our community’s wellbeing.

As a DIFE lecturer and a participant in renewable energy endeavours, I’m attuned to the needs of our youth and committed to sustainable solutions. Join me in unlocking Ardee Castle’s potential, reopening Dunleer Train Station, addressing the housing crisis, and revitalising our main street. Together, let’s shape a community grounded in social democracy’s principles of fairness, justice, and unity. Your support will empower positive change for the Ardee LEA and its residents.

I stand for a community where every voice matters, where fairness, justice, and unity drive our progress. Let’s build a brighter future for Ardee together.

Niall’s Priorities

  • Connecting Our Community: Reopening Dunleer Train Station.
  • Showcasing Our Heritage: Ardee Castle’s Opening.
  • Equal Education Access for Every Local Child.
  • Enriching Youth Services for a Brighter Tomorrow.
  • Boosting Local Businesses and Creating Jobs.

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