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I’m Lynn Tierney, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Clondalkin.

As a resident of Saggart, I am passionate about advocating for the needs of the village communities in the Clondalkin LEA. Over the years, my active involvement in many community-driven projects has allowed me to make a meaningful impact.

From serving as the Chairperson of the Saggart Village Residents Association, to co-founding the Tidytowns Committee and the Annual Christmas Event, my contributions have resulted in a cleaner, more vibrant environment with a strong sense of community connection.

I have successfully campaigned to secure community facilities, of note, was my role in working with other local volunteers and petitioning South Dublin County Council to provide a community centre for Saggart. I was a Director for the community centre board for 3 years from 2019, working with others to bring the community centre to building stage. The centre is now due to open later in 2023.

I have successfully secured funding for community groups and ensure that South Dublin County Council responds to the needs of residents.

I am passionate about ensuring planning meets the needs of a growing community, to include sufficient community and education facilities, safe roads and improved public transport. I have a keen understanding of how local participation and active citizenship can positively impact on the issues that matter in villages.

My professional background in disability services, focused on delivering personalised supports to individuals of all ages with disabilities has driven my passion for inclusive, accessible and equal opportunities for all community members.

With a proven record of accomplishments and a career centred around empathy and support, I am dedicated to effectively representing your interests. Together, we can build the strengths of our area and overcome challenges, ensuring a thriving and inclusive future for everyone. Together with Councillor Eoin Ó Broin, we make up your Social Democrats Team for the Clondalkin LEA.

Lynn’s Priorities

  • Community Infrastructure Enhancement: Building on my commitment to community-driven progress, I will prioritize the improvement and expansion of local infrastructure, including supporting the development of community groups, recreational spaces, and community centres, to create vibrant and accessible communities for all residents.
  • Inclusive Accessibility: I am dedicated to advocating for improved accessibility across public spaces and resources, ensuring that our community is inclusive and accommodating for all individuals, regardless of ability.
  • Transportation and Connectivity: I am committed to enhancing transportation options and connectivity within our community, advocating for improved public transportation and safe, efficient roadways which can cater for traffic demands and that facilitate seamless travel for all residents.
  • Cultural and Social Events: Building on my experience of running local community events, I will champion a diverse range of cultural and social events throughout the year, reinforcing community bonds and promoting a strong sense of belonging.
  • Sustainable environmental Initiatives: I will focus on implementing sustainable practices that promote a cleaner, greener environment, including waste reduction programs and conservation efforts.

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